on the side of the angels

the ghost and the machine


Retelling of CA:TWS with Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier.

13,800 words. Significantly more bleak than the movie, so read the warnings.

In another time and another world, in another war, Steve Rogers moved like his body was too big for him and he wasn’t always sure how to fill the empty spaces; he moved like his body was still not big enough for his heart and his pride and his damned dogged stubbornness. Bucky did his best to fill the gaps and he tried his best to make more room for Steve’s lion heart even when Steve said, I ain’t that noble.

Now, when the Winter Soldier grabs Bucky by the throat and slams him into a wall with enough force that Bucky can feel the one-way mirror crack under his back — when the Winter Soldier lifts him by the neck like he weighs nothing — he moves like a soldier or a tiger or a dancer, if dancers walked on knives.

'You know me,' Bucky manages to bite out before the pressure on his trachea is too much.

On AO3.

Title: Without You
Artist: Lana Del Rey
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Without You | Lana Del Rey

When we grew up
Nothing was what it seemed